THNIC joins Tak Community College for Internet Fundamentals Training

November 9-10, 2019, the Net2Home project under the Thai Network Information Center Foundation (THNIC Foundation) joined with Tak Community College to organize training on Internet Technology Fundamentals for technicians in Tak province. The course focused on imparting basic understanding of Internet technology and networks. 9 technicians attended.

The course included the history and background as well as basics of the Internet and networks, wireless technology, Internet service providers, Internet services and benefits, Internet terminology, basic installation, and network monitoring tools.

“The basic qualifications of the participants was to have a basic knowledge of electronics. After the course, participants provided added job opportunities since the course focused on hands-on and experience,” said Sahaschai Kongjui, Net2Home consultant.

“THNIC Foundation has several social activities such as promoting and facilitating internet access for communities in remote areas, providing neutral domestic Internet exchange points, and Internet Governance training for youth. With the support of Tak Community College, The Network Training course is another of these activities. 

Those interested in the Foundation’s activities can follow the Foundation’s website,,” added Dr. Pochanan Ratanachaiphan, Director of the Thai Network Information Center (THNIC Foundation).

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